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WG Unsettled Zine Trimmed

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Wallung Githa Unsettled

A poster zine from the art collaboration of the same name by photographic artist Cameron James Cope and Gunai artist Steaphan Paton that explodes the euphemism of ‘settlement’ and communicates the violent truth of Australia’s colonial past. It interprets and acknowledges, through symbolism, performance and visitation, the armed conflict between European invaders and Aboriginal people on Gunai and Monero country (the southeastern-most point of mainland Australia) in the mid 19th century – events that go unacknowledged officially, but that continue to resonate profoundly today.

Published 2015, Edition of 200, Printed by Blueprint Dynamic Print Services, Soft Cover, Extent: 32 pages, Size: 21cm X 29.7cm.


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Boorun’s Canoe: A Journey of Connection

Boorun’s Canoe is a story of cultural pride, knowledge, family and connection to country by Indigenous artist Steaphan Paton and photographer Cam Cope. Featuring a stunning collection of black and white images, Steaphan tells the story of how he, his brothers and cousins learnt how to make a bark canoe using traditional methods from their grandfather, Senior Gunai/Kurnai Elder Uncle Albert Mullett. It’s an intergenerational journey that begins with Boorun the Pelican, a Gunai/Kurnai ancestor who carried a bark canoe on his head across the Great Dividing Range to the waters of Port Albert, and is continued by the Gunai/Kurnai of today.

Published 2013, Museum Victoria Publishing, ISBN 9781921833243 Soft Cover, Extent: 56 pages, Size: 15.5cm X 21cm (landscape format).

Pic1000 Book Cover

$4.95 – Digital Edition eBook download

Picture 1000 Words: A Photo-literary Collaboration Exploring the Power of Images to Inspire Written Creativity

What happens when a collection of writers are given a picture, a word limit and the freedom to see where an image can take them? Picture 1000 Words is a pictorial short story anthology that experiments with the process of writing in combination with early travel photographs by Cam Cope. Thirteen writers have produced original, highly personalised 1000 word compositions to explore with the creative processes the authors have been through to write them. Authors were not told the real-world origins of the images before penning them and an index with the real world captions behind the photos reveals how far from the truth the pens did fall. Authors included: Alice Allan, Andrew Bitfield, Jessie Cole, Rijn Collins, Brett Hamm, Kate Hennessy, Maryanne Khan, Louise Nicholls, Ashley Orr, Felicity Pickering, Holly Ringland, Luke Wright, and Aisling Smith.

Published 2013, Cam Cope Photography, Limited Edition (of 13) Hardback Collectible / Soft Cover / eBook, Extent: 68 pages, Size: 20.3cm X 25.4cm (landscape format).

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